A Portrait Right On the Beach - Volume III [4min]

Vasco Ribeiro, Jonathan Gonzalez, Lucia Martino, and more surfing chest-head waves. 4min surf video created by Gustavo Imigrante in 2017.

(Vimeo : A Portrait Right On the Beach - Volume III)

– Series –

Right On The Beach

– Surfer –

Vasco Ribeiro (@vascoribeiro)

Jonathan Gonzalez (@jonathang_onzalez)

Lucia Martino (@lucia_martino)

Joao Guedes (@joaoguedessurf)

Camilla Kemp (@camilla_kemp)

– Presented by –

Deeply (@deeply_europe)

– Directed by –

Gustavo Imigrante (@gustavoimigrante)

– Film/Edit –

Gustavo Imigrante (@gustavoimigrante)

Dinis Sottomayor (@dinissottomayor)

– Water Footage –

Gines Diaz (@ginesdiaz)

– Music –

"Sad Valentine" by No Vacation

– Year –


– Run Time –


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