Ábaco Film [23min]

Hector Santamaria, Dion Agius, Hector Menendez, and more surfing chest-head waves. 23min surf video created by Kylian Castells in 2016.

(Vimeo : Ábaco Film)

– Surfer –

Hector Santamaria (@hector__santamaria)

Dion Agius (@dionagius)

Hector Menendez (@hec.menendez)

Seb Smart (@sebsmartx)

Adrien Toyon (@adrientoyon)

Seb Raubenheimer (@sebraubenheimer)

Dani Aznar (@danianswer)

Max Bobet

– Presented by –

Narval (@narvalwetsuits)

– Film/Edit –

Kylian Castells (@kyliancastellsdelavega)

– Additional Footage –

Guillem Cruells (@guillemcruells)

Max Stewart (@maximumflowerpowerch)

Yentl Touboul (@yentlt)

Julien Turpaud (@julienturpaud)

David Malcolm (@poorolddave)

Victor Pakpour

– Location –

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– Music –

"The Meeting,Stone & Diamond" by Jason Havelock

"Back In The Dust" by Gold Zebra

"70's Somalia Afro Groove" by Iftin

"Thankles Deeds" by William Ryan Fritch

"Deep French Jazz" by Victor Kiswell

"Un Dia En Texas" by Paralisis Panente

"Luchar" by Hope For Youth

"2Milkinse" by Iam Shadowbeats

"Valentine" by Futureholograms

"Love,French,Better" by Gold Zebra

– Year –


– Run Time –


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