Billy Harrison in 'vicco' [4min]

Billy Harrison, Tom Harrison, Ellie Harrison, and more surfing chest-head waves. 4min surf video created by Harry Dott in 2017.

(Vimeo : Billy Harrison in 'vicco')

– Surfer –

Billy Harrison (@hillybarrison)

Tom Harrison (@tom_harrison)

Ellie Harrison (@ellie_harrison2)

Will Dickson (@will.dicks)

Todd Rosewall

– Film/Edit –

Harry Dott (@harrydott)

– Location –

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– Music –

"Kids" by Current Joys

"I'm Alright Now" by Pow Pow Kids

"Fake Disguise" by The Murlocs

"When The Sun Sets" by Mars Water

– Year –


– Run Time –


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