Case Study 02 Liddle Surfboards [8min]

Steve Krajewski, Adam Muniak, Jimmy Gamboa, and more surfing small waves. 8min surf video created by Michael Cukr in 2019.

( Vimeo : Case Study 02 Liddle Surfboards)

– Surfer –

Steve Krajewski

Adam Muniak

Jimmy Gamboa

Will Adler (@willadlerphotographs)

– Presented by –

Daydream Surf Shop (@daydreamsurfshop)

Liddle Surfboards (@liddlesurfaustralia)

– Produced by –

Daydream Surf Shop (@daydreamsurfshop)

– Film/Edit –

Michael Cukr (@michaelcukr)

– Additional Footage –

Stab (@stab)

Sam Moody (@clubmedsucks)

Dylan Roberts (@dylroberts)

Michael Kew (@michael.kew)

– Music –

"It Could Happen To You" by Miles Davis Quintet

– Year –


– Run Time –


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