Costa Dulce [13min]

Franklin Serpa, Marco Giorgi, Nelson Pinto, and more surfing chest-head waves in Costa Dulce. 13min surf video created by Mark Daniel in 2015.

( Vimeo : Costa Dulce)

– Surfer –

Franklin Serpa (@franklinserpa)

Marco Giorgi (@marcogiorgisurf)

Nelson Pinto (@nelsonpn)

Ricardo Dos Santos (@ricardosantos90)

Yago Dora (@yagodora)

– Produced by –

Pedro Carvalho (@pedrucarvalho)

– Film/Edit –

Mark Daniel (@heymarkdaniel)

– Film –

Bruno Zanin (@brunozanin_)

Nelson Pinto (@nelsonpn)

– Location –

Costa Dulce, Nicaragua  

– Music –

"The One That Got Away" by The Simonsound

"Strawberry Letter 23" by Shuggie Otis

"Passement De Jambes" by Doc Gyneco

"Me Libertei" by Toni Tornado

"Koyma Hondo" by Boncana Maiga

"Cheney Lane" by Nostalgia 77

– Year –


– Run Time –


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