Engrained [21min]

Brett Burcher, Russell Bierke, Paul Morgan, and more surfing big waves in Tasmania. 21min surf video created by Darcy Ward in 2019.

(YouTube : Engrained)

– Surfer –

Brett Burcher (@brettburcher)

Russell Bierke (@russellbierke)

Paul Morgan (@paulmorgan84)

Nathan Bartlett

Sean Mawson (@seanmawson)

Elliot Marshall (@elliotmarshall)

Glen McDonald (@glenmcdonald)

Kye Hoole (@kye10)

Luke Hynd (@louiehynd)

– Produced by –

Brett Burcher (@brettburcher)

– Film/Edit –

Darcy Ward (@darcywardvisuals)

– Sponsored by –

Akwa Surf (@akwasurf)

Brunotti (@brunotti)

Chilli Surfboards (@chilli_surfboards)

Globe (@globebrand)

Ocean & Earth (@ocean_earth79)

Tucker Real Estate (@tuckerrealestate)

– Location –



Shipstern Bluff, Tasmania, Australia  

– Music –

"Wild Eyes" by Mariee Sioux

"Dots" by Woodes

"We Lied" by Bored Nothing

"Sacred Ground" by Bad & Dreems

"Rubber Arm" by The Beefs

– Year –


– Run Time –


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