Firing Pipeline - Your Weekly Tube [9min]

Conner Coffin, Brett Barley, Noah Beschen, and more surfing big waves in North Shore. 9min surf video created by Ryan Perry in 2019.

( YouTube : Firing Pipeline - Your Weekly Tube)

– Series –

Your Weekly Tube

– Surfer –

Conner Coffin (@connercoffin)

Brett Barley (@brettbarley)

Noah Beschen (@noahbeschen)

Kiron Jabour (@kiron_jabour)

Seth Moniz (@sethmoniz)

Eithan Osborne (@eithanosborne)

Mason Ho (@cocom4debarrelkilla)

Kalani Chapman (@kalooneytunes)

Barron Mamiya (@barronmamiya)

Sebastian Zietz (@seabassz)

Ryan Callinan (@ryancallinan)

– Presented by –

Young Wise Tails (@youngwisetails)

– Film/Edit –

Ryan Perry (@ryanperry)

– Location –

Pipeline/Backdoor, North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii, USA  

– Music –

"Controlled" by Gerhard Feng

"I'm Not Crying" by Of Men And Wolves

– Year –


– Run Time –


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