Four Cliffs | My Road Series Vol.IV [17min]

Nic Von Rupp, Tom Lowe, Barry Mottershead, and more surfing big waves. 17min surf video created by Dinis Sottomayor in 2015.

(Vimeo : Four Cliffs | My Road Series Vol.IV)

– Series –

My Road Series

– Surfer –

Nic Von Rupp (@nicvonrupp)

Tom Lowe (@tomloweyo)

Barry Mottershead (@sligokayaktours)

Joao De Macedo (@joaodemacedo7)

Aritz Aranburu (@aritz_aranburu)

Maxime Huscenot (@maximehuscenot)

Frederico Morais (@fredericomoraiis)

Fergal Smith

Tom Butler (@tommybutts)

Will Skudin (@whitewaterwilly)

Conor Flanagan (@conor_flanagan_photography)

– Presented by –

Hurley (@hurley)

Monster Energy (@monsterenergy)

– Directed by –

Gustavo Imigrante (@gustavoimigrante)

– Film/Edit –

Dinis Sottomayor (@dinissottomayor)

– Edit –

Gustavo Imigrante (@gustavoimigrante)

– Additional Footage –


Miguel Nunes (@mtnphoto)

Hugo Almeida (@hugoalmeida)

Powerlines Productions (@powerlinesproductions)

Vincent Kardasik (@vincentkardasik)

Fionn Rogers (@fionn_rogers)

Ian Mitchinson (@ianmitchinson)

Alan Wilson

Kevin Smith (@kevinxtwin)

Peter Clyne (@clynep)

– Water Footage –

Gastao Entrudo (@gastaoentrudo)

– Location –



– Music –

"Pele E Osso" by Peixe Aviao

"Queen Of Hearts" by Orelha Negra Feat. Amp Fiddler

"Conrad" by Ben Howard

"27-25 Blues" by The Black Tambourines

"Pretty Baby Blues" by Tampa Red

"Jupiter Blues" by Los Waves

"Airports And Broken Hearts" by Walter Benjamin

– Year –


– Run Time –


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