Happily Stoked - IndoNesia [13min]

Sebastian Zietz, Tyler Newton, Danny Fuller, and more surfing overhead waves in Mentawai. 13min surf video created by Lachlan McKinnon in 2018.

( Vimeo : Happily Stoked - IndoNesia)

– Series –

Happily Stoked Episodes

– Surfer –

Sebastian Zietz (@seabassz)

Tyler Newton (@tylernewts)

Danny Fuller (@dannyfuller)

Evan Valiere (@evanvaliere)

Sam Martin (@sammartinsurf)

Ryder Guest (@ryderguest_)

Teva Dexter (@blakbear)

Kyle Galtes (@kylegaltes)

Dylan Goodale (@dylangoodtimes)

Gavin Gillette (@gavingillette)

Sequoia Seney (@sequoiaseney)

– Presented by –

Happily Stoked

– Film/Edit –

Lachlan McKinnon (@mister_clips)

– Film –

Carlo Coral (@carlocoral)

Bal Humphreys (@bal_humphreys)

– Water Footage –

Sam Martin (@sammartinsurf)

Tyler Newton (@tylernewts)

Gavin Gillette (@gavingillette)

– Location –

Mentawai, Indonesia  

– Music –

"Backstreets" by Shannon & The Clams

"Under The Sun/Every Day Comes And Goes" by Black Sabbath

"Bassically" by Tei Shi

– Year –


– Run Time –


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