Kaleidoscope Cupcakes [11min]

Ozzie Wright, Ellis Ericson, Otis Carey, and more surfing chest-head waves. in Australia. 11min surf video created by Josh Simpson in 2013.

( Vimeo : Kaleidoscope Cupcakes)

– Surfer –

Ozzie Wright (@ozzywrong)

Ellis Ericson (@ellisericson)

Otis Carey (@otishopecarey)

Jack Lynch (@jack_lynch)

Derek Hynd (@farfieldfreefriction)

Rangi Ormond

– Film/Edit –

Josh Simpson

– Location –


– Music –

"Satan Taps My Head" by The Abigails

"Don't Even Try" by Purling Hiss

"Teen Boy" by Black Zeros

"Run From The City" by Purling Hiss

"Kiss Me" by The Memories

– Year –


– Run Time –


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