Light Of Portugal - Short Film [11min]

Josh Moniz, Seth Moniz, Parker Coffin, and more surfing chest-head waves in Peniche. 11min surf video created by Marc Chambers in 2018.

( Vimeo : Light Of Portugal - Short Film)

– Surfer –

Josh Moniz (@joshmoniz)

Seth Moniz (@sethmoniz)

Parker Coffin (@parkercoffin)

Kiron Jabour (@kiron_jabour)

Nic Von Rupp (@nicvonrupp)

Colt Ward (@colt_ward)

Kanoa Igarashi (@kanoaigarashi)

– Film/Edit –

Marc Chambers (@mauimarcc)

– Location –

Supertubos, Peniche, Portugal  

– Music –

"Dobadoira" by Toques Do Caramulo

"Moonstruck" by Action Bronson

"Howl" by Beware Of Darkness

"Without You" by Rainbow Arabia

– Year –


– Run Time –


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