Gunner Day, Micky Clarke, Shane Borland, and more surfing overhead waves in California, Panama and more. 36min surf video created by Hunter Martinez in 2019.

( Vimeo : "LOST IN THOUGHT")

– Surfer –

Gunner Day (@gunnerday_)

Micky Clarke (@_mitchard)

Shane Borland (@shaneborland)

Wil Reid (@wilreid)

Eithan Osborne (@eithanosborne)

Noah Collins (@noahcollins)

John Mel (@johnmel_)

Noah Schweizer (@noahschweizer)

Jake Kelley (@jake_kelley)

Andrew Jacobson (@andrewjacobson)

Ryder Sturges (@ryderssturges)

Matt McCabe (@matt_g_mccabe)

Colin Moran (@gooseonthelooseeee)

Kellen Ellison (@kellenellison)

Nate Tyler (@_natetyler)

Noah Wegrich (@noahwaggy)

Bobby Martinez (@bobbyboy20002000)

– Directed by –

Hunter Martinez (@_huntermartinez)

– Film/Edit –

Hunter Martinez (@_huntermartinez)

– Additional Footage –

Andrew Schoener (@andrew_schoener)

Mini Blanchard (@miniblanchard)

Matt Tromberg (@metal_neck)

Carlo Coral (@carlocoral)

Layne Stratton (@laynestratton)

Taylor Curran (@_taylorcurran)

Jack Taylor (@jacktaylor94_)

Garrett Whittingham (@_gwhit_)

Quinn Graham (@quinstagrom)

Shane Borland (@shaneborland)

Sarah Day (@saragday)

– Location –

California, USA  




– Music –

"Palythoa" by Animal Collective

"PDA" by Part Time

"Just Like A Widow" by Daniel Johnston

"Check Me Out" by Tomorrows Tulips

"Opening" by John Maus

"Johnny Uluwatu" by Brad Flora/ Mitchard

"At The Movies" by Bad Brains

"Passion" by 18 Carat Affair

"Eighteen" by Alice Cooper

"Kicks" by Lou Reed

"Been A Son" by Kurt Cobain

"In The Mouth A Desert" by Yikes

"Deamin" by Twerps

"The Isa: I." by Sven Libaek

"Call Me" by Chris Montez

"I Saw Her Standing There" by Daniel Johnston

"Bound To The Floor" by Local H

"Adam" by Alex G

– Year –


– Run Time –


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