Night to Day [7min]

Nicky Lee, Ian Schulte, Mason White, and more surfing small waves in Wilmington, North Carolina. 7min surf video created by Andrew Law in 2020.

( Vimeo : Night to Day)

– Surfer –

Nicky Lee (@nicky_lee24)

Ian Schulte (@ianschulte)

Mason White (@masonwhite___)

Trenton "Tarpits" Phillips (@barfxrake)

CJ Bander (@cj_ban)

Zac Silver (@_zacsilver)

Austin Cooper (@acoopa77)

– Film/Edit –

Andrew Law (@andrewlaw__)

– Location –

Wilmington, North Carolina, USA  

– Music –

"Ocean Kids" by Lionel Liminana & The Liminanas

"Tigre Du Bengale" by The Liminanas

"Liverpool" by The Liminanas

"Je Ne Suis Pas Tres Drogue" by The Liminanas

– Year –


– Run Time –


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