Observing Winter [19min]

Zen Wallis, Storm Carroll, Dylan Pidgeon, and more surfing overhead waves in New Zealand. 19min surf video created by Sink or Surface in 2016.

( Vimeo : Observing Winter)

– Surfer –

Zen Wallis (@zenstate_nz)

Storm Carroll (@storm0991)

Dylan Pidgeon

Josh Orr (@gnomeorrshapingco)

Matt Hewitt (@matt_hewitt)

Philip Corcoran (@philth1978)

Indica Knox Corcoran (@indicaknoxcorcoran)

Jordi Pratt (@jordipratt)

Gavin Bisman (@bismangavin)

– Presented by –

Sink or Surface (@sinkorsurface)

– Film/Edit –

Sink or Surface (@sinkorsurface)

– Film –

Zen Wallis (@zenstate_nz)

– Location –

New Zealand  

– Music –

"Build A Kingdom" by Woodlock

"Bliss" by Alayna Powley

"Peoples" by Cheers Elephant

"Vacany" by SINAI

"EMBERS" by Paint The Sand

– Year –


– Run Time –


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