Over the Ledge [9min]

Gearoid McDaid, Nic Von Rupp, William Aliotti, and more surfing big waves in Ireland. 9min surf video created by Clem McInerney in 2020.

( Vimeo : Over the Ledge)

– Surfer –

Gearoid McDaid (@gearoidmcdaid)

Nic Von Rupp (@nicvonrupp)

William Aliotti (@william_aliotti)

Ollie O'Flaherty (@ollieoflahrty)

Peter Conroy (@pedro2468)

Conor Maguire (@conormaguiree)

Noah Lane (@noahlane_)

– Produced by –

Tom Mangham (@manghm)

– Directed by –

Clem McInerney (@clemmcinerney)

– Film/Edit –

Clem McInerney (@clemmcinerney)

– Additional Footage –

Peter Clyne (@clynep)

Conor Flanagan (@conor_flanagan_photography)

Franziska Wuestney

Ryan Simalchik (@rsmallcheck)

– Supported by –

Monster Energy (@monsterenergy)

– Artwork by –

Myriam Riand (@myriamdelirium)

– Location –


– Music –

"Through A Sea" by Sleep Thieves

"French Kiss" by Sleep Thieves

"Different Time" by Sleep Thieves

– Year –


– Run Time –


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