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This Is Surfin Estate

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Surfin Estate, created in 2011 by Vincent Lemanceau and Arthur Nelli, initially started as a web journal before evolving into a brand in 2015 with the opening of a store in Hossegor, the epicenter of European surfing. Literally, Surfin Estate means "surf heritage," and the brand can be described as a gentle blend of vintage inspirations and modernity, that you can find in Vincent’s shapes. It is also responsible for European-made clothing collections, international events, and collaborations with other brands in the surfing, fashion, photography, and art industries.

Contact us:
+33 5 58 97 39 75

Address: 169, avenue des Tisserands - 40150 Soorts Hossegor / France

Business Day/Hour:
Monday - Saturday
10:00 - 12:30 / 14:00 - 18:30

Shipping Information: Worldwide Shipping

Since: July 1st, 2015

Shop history

With 8 years of experience working in schools and surf clubs and 7 years with the French brand OXBOW, I wanted to create a unique place with a distinctive and personal approach to surfing. The idea was also to bridge the gap between the worlds of craftsmanship and surfing by offering custom surf shapes, locally made apparel and artistic events (exhibitions, concerts) in the shop. Providing a unique experience for our customers by blending different universes was one of the first project's objectives. « In 2015, when I visited the surf shop for the very first time in Hossegor, I knew we could settle a unique vibe, host exhibitions and create a unique place to share our passions. »

Shop concepts and values

Maison de shape

Since I opened the store, I have been striving to be as close to my customers as possible, listening to them and providing the best advice. People come to me for my expertise because they know I can recommend the right board, with the right dimensions, the right bottoms, and the right rocker. I primarily craft twins, mid-lengths, and highly playful thrusters. What all the boards have in common is the combination of performance and comfort in paddling. I've built my signature around the pleasure and playfulness with the wave, rather than just ripping a wave with an incredible isolated maneuver and not being able to ride it to the shore because the board does not fit the surfer or the wave. And lately, I have realized that the surfers who come to me are looking for a mood, a vibe. To meet this demand, I leverage my experience and expertise to fulfill my customers’ desires, which explains the wide range of boards I offer.

About values :

Open Mindedness: Be humble to remain accessible and simple in relationship with others and connected to our environment

Joy: Live the present moment by being concerned to the simple things around us: waves, nature, and different playgrounds

Authenticity: This is what we believe in and the heritage that has been passed down to us as surfers

Audacity: Experiencing new adventures that move us forward and accomplish our dreams

What do you like about where the shop is located?

We are not located by the sea, maybe 5 or 10 minutes from the ocean, in the land. The area is a technical zone where all the surf shops are, which means that all surfers from all Europe are passing by, looking for surfboards and gears. Then, most of the European Headquarters of the surf industry are around. The community of the shop is a sweet mix of all kinds of surfers (from pro to newbie), art and beer enthusiasts, skateboarders, and friends. For the past few years, the store has become a destination where our visitors come to discover artists, new board models, or collections. We are organizing artistic event every two months, which enhances this sense of community and allows us to expand the brand's message.

Which surf spot do you recommend near the shop?

We have a lot of world-class surf spots around the shop like La Graviere or La Nord. But sand banks are changing a lot and I will be pleased to advise my customers for a nice bank.

Do you have any special services for the customers?

We are doing surf-guiding, ding repairs and making coffees. But the main service is probably that most of the boards displayed in the rack are demo boards which means that our customers can test them.

The brands we carry

We mostly carry our own products with the label Surfin Estate. We have been doing some collaboration with Guy Cotten, Chanteclair, Leminor, and K Way. The only brand we are representing is True Ames, for 7 years now with a wide offer of fins in the shop. True Ames is paying homage to designs of the past that have deep roots within the surf culture. This collaboration allows me to dig into the history of surfing and work on concepts.

Ambassadors and riders

As the shaper and founder of Surfin Estate, I am the first ambassador. It’s really important for me to test all the concepts and continue to learn about shape design, fluid dynamics and for sure show how the boards can behave. I started skateboarding at 6 years old, did a lot of bodyboarding when I was a teenager (my parents were probably secured by the flippers) and surfing came super natural with the knowledge of the ocean and the skills of skateboarding. We don’t really have an ambassador program, but we have been working a lot with a young gun from bask country called Paco Elissalde. He is an adventurer, traveling a lot around Europe and was testing a lot of boards. His girlfriend Isis Gouhry was learning photography alongside Paco and they did produce a lot of beautiful content and stories.

Tell us about your passion for video production.

As we wanted to show our surfboards in action, we started to produce « la minute » which is basically a sum up of one session with one board. Those edits are not only all about surfing, we are also trying to share a vibe and the beauty of our environment. Surfing has to show flow, classic approach & playfulness. Filmers are not professional but are trained by myself. I have been growing up with an 8 mm camera and other DVs, filming and editing for years now with skateboarding and surfing. Sharing a moment, being able to give emotion is part of the process. Music and sound design are also important to me, trying to be creative in this part, mixing rare tunes to bring emotions.

Which one video would you highlight in this playlist and why?

La Minute Charlotte 2020 is definitely one I will remember. To add a good mood, we like to shoot in empty surf spots. But around Hossegor, it means that you have to go deep in the forest to be sure it will not be too crowded… I have been climbing sand dunes a lot these past years, to go check sand banks and I like to go see the waves the evening before the shooting to be sure we can shoot something. This evening, I definitely saw potential in these surf spots despite the onshore wind, but the configuration of the bank, and the tide planning sounded really promising. Conditions were massive and too big but intermediate waves were grinding the banks, with barrels already. When we arrived the day after for the shooting, it was perfection, with no one out. We had such an amazing session!

What types of events do you host in your shop?

Art shows are part of the shop. In the last 8 years, we have exhibited artists, painters, photographers, movie directors and musicians such as Thomas Campbell, The babe Rainbow, Sam Kriftoski, George Trimm, Steven Burke, Pentagram Pizza, Tin Ojeda, and many more. Being eclectic in the production of events is important for us, to be able to share this open-mindedness.

Messages for customers

"Please have fun" is something I am writing on every board, to remind that surfing is a playful game in an amazing environment. Love is all around!

Tracks you love?

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