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This Is Matt Payne

Filmmaker Matt Payne Playlist & Interview 29 Videos ・ Last Updated: Jan 15 2024

I'm a Los Angeles-based filmmaker with a lot of love for surfing, skateboarding, and music and how they fit together.

Nickname: Matty

Born and raised: Born in Los Angeles, Grew up in Huntington Beach

Based now: Long Beach, California

Stance: Regular

When and how did you start surfing?

I started surfing with my family growing up going to the beach on the weekends.

Who are the surfers that inspire you?

Dylan Graves, Nate Tyler, Jake Kelley, Micky Clarke, Dane Reynolds, Craig Anderson, Mikey February, Mason Ho, Tom Curren, Tom Karangelov.

Where are your favorite surf spots that you've been to?

North Point, Australia was rad to film. French beach breaks on different tides. Seeing the German river wave Eisbach was also cool to see.

Where are the surf spots you want to visit in the future that you've never been to?

Japan is at the top of the list! Also surf spots in the United Kingdom, Iceland, Maldives and Jeffreys Bay.

Which type of surfboards and fin setups are you into?

Twin fins and longer shortboards that you can put on rail.

Which one video would you highlight in this playlist and why?

I'm pretty proud of this short surf film called "Arbutus" featuring Nate Tyler that I filmed last year because I made it independent from brands and completely self-funded it on Super 16mm. It features his unique lifestyle surfing the central coast of California juxtaposed with his kinetic sculpture work.

Gear: Bolex 16mm, Blackmagic Digital Cameras, Various lenses 24 - 400 mm

Editing tool: Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro.

What's your favorite focal length?

10mm I love wider angles but I need to shoot them more.

When and how did you start filming?

I started filming/editing friends on my high school surf team and then took a film class and kept learning from thereon.

Who are the creators that inspire you?

Kai Neville, Dane Reynolds, Joe G, The Malloy Brothers, Ryan Thomas, Thomas Campbell, Jack Coleman, Greg Hunt, George Manzanilla, Matt Bublitz.

What are the surf films/videos that inspire you?

The Quieter You Are, The More You Hear
Chapter 11 tv
New Emissions of Light and Sound

Other than surf films?

Lately a lot of skateboarding films like Sight Unseen and Mindfield, Pontus Alv's work, Werner Herzog documentaries, Anthony Bourdain shows, Mike Mills films, Mubi selections.

Who are your favorite bands and musicians?

Currently, my favorite band is Badbadnotgood at the moment. Shoegaze bands like Swirlies or Ride are cool too. I also love listening to Hiroshi Yoshimura or Bill Evans when I'm alone at home. Changes all the time but that's what I'm listening to right now.

10 tracks you love?

  1. "City of Mirrors" by Badbadnotgood
  2. "Mother Nature's Bitch" by Okay Kaya
  3. "Try to Reach Me" by Sofie
  4. "Drive Blind" by Ride
  5. "Sketch for Summer" by Durutti Column
  6. "Virginia Reel Around The Fountain" by The Halo Benders
  7. "Pancake" by Swirlies
  8. "Wind" by John Carroll Kirby
  9. "Tonight" by Sam Wilkes, Sam Gendel
  10. "Re: Person I Knew" by Bill Evans Trio

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