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This Is Toby Cregan

Filmmaker Toby Cregan Playlist & Interview 43 Videos ・ Last Updated: Dec 13 2022

I play in a band and make videos sometimes. I run a company called RAGE with my friends. I live on the Northern Rivers of NSW, Australia.

Portrait photo by David Herrington.

How do your friends call you?: Tobes

Based now: Byron Shire

Stance: Regular

Born and raised

I grew up on the south coast of NSW until I moved away to Byron when I was about 19.

When and how did you start surfing?

When I was about 4 or 5, my dad started pushing me onto waves. He was a pro surfer back in the day and still surfs better than me!

Who are the surfers that inspire you?

Jaleesa is the best!

Where are your favorite surf spots that you've been to?

I love a fat straight gander like a dreamland in Bali where you can just do chop hops and Ollie's, then run up the beach into a beer.

Where are the surf spots you want to visit in the future that you've never been to?

I would love to come back to Japan.

Which type of surfboards and fin setups are you into?

Mainly my soft tops. I hardly ever ride my fiberglass boards anymore, but I do have an AL Merrick that I will bring back to Indo for the next RAGE trip.

Which one video would you highlight in this playlist and why?

I like the Real Axe series. When Creed and I were doing those videos, they were so much fun, and a lot of the destinations were new for me.

What cameras and lenses do you use?

At the moment just my Sony Handycam. “RAGE 400”, our new video is shot completely on my Handycam.

What editing tool do you use?

Adobe Premiere Pro

What's your favorite focal length?

Not sure! It zooms!

When and how did you start filming?

I always did it from when I was about 12. I grabbed my mum's Handycam then got into it for real when I moved out of home. Became friends with Creed and all the same mates I still shoot with now.

Who are the creators that inspire you?

Ozzie Wright

What are the surf films/videos that inspire you?

I just get inspired by the fun I'm going to have on the road with my friends. Anything that's raw and real.

Other than surf films?

Doped Youth

Who are your favorite bands and musicians?

Daniel Johnston

Music by Skegss