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This Is Maud Le Car

Surfer Maud Le Car Playlist & Interview 23 Videos ・ Last Updated: May 28 2024

Maud Le Car is a professional surfer from the French Caribbean, St Martin Island, now living in southwest France, Seignosse. Competitor on the WQS and Challengers Series for 10 years, French champion X3, passionate about the ocean and art. Now more into free surfing and looking for great waves :)

Nickname: Spicy Momo

Born and raised: St Martin Island - French Caribbean

Based now: Les Landes, Seignosse - France

Stance: Regular

Sponsor: OXBOW, Monster Energy, Prixtel, Lost Surfboards, Lazartigue, Ipanema, Embassy

What do you like about where you live now?

I love the waves here in Les Landes. Fun beach break picks everywhere on kilometers of the beach where you can find some good quality waves. There are so many things to do around. I love biking in the forest, too. Spain is only a 1-hour drive. You can score waves on all the coasts, north or south, and change the landscape and culture in only a few minutes of driving with the bask country. I love the life between the ocean and the forest here.

When and how did you start surfing?

I started surfing at the age of 12 on my Island, St Martin, in the French Caribbean with my little brother and mom. I am not from a surfer family, but my mom saw I only liked sport when it was in the ocean, so I started first wakeboarding, bodyboarding, and windsurfing before falling in love with surfing when I tried for the first time at 12 years old.

Where is your go-to surf spot?

Les Estagnots in Seignosse cause I just live across, and the dune is not too hard to walk and have a panoramic view to see where is the best pick to go when you have no time to check everywhere.

Please tell us about the surfboard you usually ride. Brand, shaper, dimensions, fin setup, etc.

I surf Lost Surfboards from MAYHEM. My everyday board is 5’6 x 18 2 1/8 in 22, 5 Liters, in thruster fins, but when I want to have fun, I love surfing the RFN from Lost in twin fin on an open high or smaller fun days.

Where are your favorite surf spots that you've been to?

I love Morocco. The endless rights. It’s not too far, and the wave quality with swell is really cool, also love surfing the Caribbean. We still have some good waves with not too many people surfing.

Where are the surf spots you want to visit in the future that you've never been to?

I really want to surf Thurso in Scotland.

Which do you like more, Air or Tube?

Not really doing both, would say more carving, lol.

Which do you like more, Noseride or Maneuver?


Which one video would you highlight in this playlist and why?

My last movie EVERYWHERE I GO » it’s a surf movie connecting my three passions for surfing, art, and ocean preservation.

Who are the surfers that inspire you?

My boyfriend Joan Duru. Also loves watching mainly clips of Andy Irons to get inspired.

What are the surf films/videos that inspire you?

Biarritz Surf Gang

What are the films/movies that inspire you? (other than surf films)

Captain Fantastic

Other than surfing, what are you passionate about?

I am also passionate about ocean preservation. That’s why I created “Save La Mermaid”, my foundation where we organize beach clean-ups and raise awareness about plastic pollution in the ocean.

Who are your favorite bands and musicians?

Vanessa Paradis, Måneskin, Vybz Kartel

Tracks you love?

Spotify Playlist: Maud Le Car

  1. "Natural High" by Vanessa Paradis
  2. "THE LONELIEST" by Måneskin
  3. "Les Temps de l'amour" by Françoise Hardy
  4. "Dernière danse" by Kyo
  5. "Go Go Wine" by Vybz Kartel
  6. "THIS YEAR (Blessings) " by Victor Thompson