PROJECT: Shadowfax [9min]

Tanner Gudauskas surfing overhead waves in Trestles. 9min surfing edit filmed in 2018.

(Vimeo : PROJECT: Shadowfax)

– Series –

The Paradise Projects

– Surfer –

Tanner Gudauskas (@tannergud)

– Directed by –

Tanner Gudauskas (@tannergud)

– Film –

Alex Kilauano (@alexkilauano)

Patrick Stacy (@patstacyphoto)

Jacob Vanderwork (@jacobvanderwork)

Jimmy Wilson (@jimmicane)

Ryan Perry (@ryanperry)

– Edit –

Alex Kilauano (@alexkilauano)

– Additional Footage –

Tanner Gudauskas (@tannergud)

– Location –

Lowers, Trestles, California, USA  

– Music –

"Heart Attack Man" by Beastie Boys

"The Platform On The Ocean" by Arthur Russell

"All The Tired Horses--------------End Of Disc One" by Ellie Come Home

– Year –


– Run Time –


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