Relatable Form [10min]

Phil Browne, Ryan Lovelace, Joseph Yee, and more surfing overhead waves in Mentawai. 10min surf video created by James Clower in 2018.

( Vimeo : Relatable Form)

– Surfer –

Phil Browne (@mr_pheeel)

Ryan Lovelace (@ryanlovelace)

Joseph Yee (@yee_joe)

Simon Murdoch

James Clower (@jamesclower)

Erik Paulson (@eriktpaulson)

Michael Carson (@mcarsonshapes)

– Presented by –

Trimcraft Surfboards (@trimcraft_surfboards)

– Film/Edit –

James Clower (@jamesclower)

Joey Dwyer (@j0ey_dwyer)

Timmy Dwyer (@tiimmydwyer)

– Location –

Mentawai, Indonesia  

– Music –

"Melted Crystal" by Kikagaku Moyo

"Natural Cause" by Emancipator

Tommy Guerrero

"The Sticks" by The Budos Band

– Year –


– Run Time –


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