Something about time. [9min]

Seb Johnson, Bradley King, Hugh Ricthie, and more surfing small waves in New Zealand. 9min surf video created by Cameron Haylock in 2019.

(Vimeo : Something about time.)

– Surfer –

Seb Johnson (@seb____j)

Bradley King (@thereal.kloseout.ifeel)

Hugh Ricthie (@hugh_ritchie)

Luke O'Neill

Casper Marcormick (@casparmccormick)

Alex Duncan

Harry Mahoney (@hmahoneyz)

Tom Erwin

Lily Bay (@lilsbay)

Alicia Erceg (@aliciamariaerceg)

Brittany Andrews (@blandrewz)

Alberta Hall (@alberta.grace)

Tui Wright (@tuiwright)

– Film/Edit –

Cameron Haylock (@cameron.haylock)

– Location –

New Zealand  

– Music –

William Jamesion (@lucky.s._)

Alex Summerlee

Jeremy Flett

"Voice Of Youth" by Holly Arrowsmith

– Year –


– Run Time –


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