South to North: The Worst Surf Trip Ever [19min]

Roy Edward Critchfield, Alanna Parra, CJ Nelson, and more surfing small waves in Newport Beach, Orange County and more. 19min surf video created by Nico Ramos in 2018.

( Vimeo : South to North: The Worst Surf Trip Ever)

– Surfer –

Roy Edward Critchfield (@roycritch)

Alanna Parra (@alannamparra)

CJ Nelson (@cj_nelson)

Olivia Nowtash (@livnowtash)

Nicole English

Kim Estes (@kimberleeestes)

Brady Larson (@larsman_)

TJ Blue (@t_j_blue)

Gabe Molinar

– Film/Edit –

Nico Ramos (@nicoloramos)

– Location –

San Onofre, California, USA  

Blackies, Newport Beach, Orange County, California, USA  

Malibu, California, USA  

Big Sur, Central Coast | CA, California, USA  

– Music –

"Someone Disappeared" by The Everywheres

"Summer Of Our Discontent" by Sugar Candy Mountain

"Teenage Blue" by Dreamgirl

"Frightened Face" by The Everywheres

"Clear" by Tomorrows Tulips

– Year –


– Run Time –


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