Tabü [6min]

Jojo Roper, Greg Long, Rusty Long, and more surfing overhead waves in California. 6min surfing edit filmed in 2020.

(Vimeo : Tabü)

– Surfer –

Jojo Roper (@jojoroper)

Greg Long (@gerglong)

Rusty Long (@rustylong)

Matthew Craig (@mateomcmeekin)

Skip McCullough (@holy.skip)

Mitchel McCullough (@mitchel_mccullough)

Austin Brown (@brownbrah)

Yehuda Ben-Hamo (@yehudabenhamo)

Sam Neiger (@sam_neiger)

Kyle Buthman (@kyle_buthman)

Kala Buthman (@kala.buthman)

Darrell Goodrum (@goodrumdiaries)

– Film –

Luis Soto (@luissotophoto)

– Edit –

Yehuda Ben-Hamo (@yehudabenhamo)

– Location –

California, USA  

– Music –

"Raven" by The Well

"Eyes Of A God" by The Well

– Year –


– Run Time –


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