Team cinema [4min]

Chris Tincher, Shane Konrad, Easton Greene, and more surfing small waves in Saint Augustine. 4min surf video created by Luke Kothera in 2020.

( Vimeo : Team cinema)

– Surfer –

Chris Tincher (@philspidaman)

Shane Konrad (@shane_konrad)

Easton Greene (@eastonsurfs)

Austin Marvin (@seesickmarvinlmtd)

Alex Hobbs (@ohgreatsea)

Tyler Baker (@taintisadumbass)

– Produced by –

Cinema Fin Co. (@cinemafinco)

– Film/Edit –

Luke Kothera (@luke_kothera)

– Location –

Saint Augustine, Florida, USA  

– Music –

"Too Many Do" by The Peanut Butter Conspiracy

– Year –


– Run Time –


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