TEENAGE / EVE [9min]

Noah Beschen, Kanoa Igarashi, Noah Schweizer, and more surfing small waves in Florida, California. 9min surf video created by Aaron Lieber in 2013.

( Vimeo : TEENAGE / EVE)

– Surfer –

Noah Beschen (@noahbeschen)

Kanoa Igarashi (@kanoaigarashi)

Noah Schweizer (@noahschweizer)

Evan Geiselman (@evangeiselman)

– Directed by –

Aaron Lieber (@lieberfilms)

Shane Beschen (@shanebeschen)

– Film/Edit –

Aaron Lieber (@lieberfilms)

– Film –

Noah Alani (@alani.media)

Jacob Vanderwork (@jacobvanderwork)

Patrick Eichstaedt (@therealtupat)

Bjorn Richie Lob

Casey Collins (@caseycolli)

Christian Oehmke (@christianoehmke)

Peter Trow (@peter.trow)

– Narrated by –

Wyatt Dearlove

– Location –

New Smyrna Beach, Florida, USA  

California, USA  

– Music –

"No Wow" by The Kills

"Vicarious" by Tool

– Year –


– Run Time –


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