The Deus 9ft and Single, presented by SWELL [9min]

Luke Flanders, Harrison Roach, Yuta Sezutsu, and more surfing overhead waves in Canggu. 9min surf video created by Andrew Gough in 2016.

( Vimeo : The Deus 9ft and Single, presented by SWELL)

– Series –

Deus 9ft & Single

– Surfer –

Luke Flanders (@flapjuan)

Harrison Roach (@harrisonsan)

Yuta Sezutsu (@yutasezutsu)

Jared Mell (@bangbangboogie)

Thomas Bexon (@thomassurfboards)

Deni Pirdaus (@deniblackboys)

Honolua Blomfield (@honoluablomfield)

Simon Patchett (@patchettt)

Lewie Buddons

Zye Norris (@zyenorris)

– Presented by –

Deus ex Machina (@deustemple)

SWELL (@swell)

SurfStitch (@surfstitch)

– Produced by –

Dustin Humphrey (@dustin_humphrey)

Saxon Gallaher (@saxmanyerrrrr)

– Directed by –

Andrew Gough (@andygough_)

– Film/Edit –

Andrew Gough (@andygough_)

– Film –

Andre Cricket (@andrecricket)

Oscar O'Shea (@osca___r)

– Water Footage –

Sean Gilhooley (@indoinc)

– Location –

Canggu, Bali, Indonesia  

– Music –

"Hold On" by Sons Of The East

– Year –


– Run Time –


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