Transition Full Film [30min]

Noah Cohen, Pete Devries, Shannon Brown, and more surfing overhead waves in Tofino, Biarritz and more. 30min surf video created by Nate Laverty in 2018.

( Vimeo : Transition Full Film)

– Series –


– Surfer –

Noah Cohen (@cohenscorner)

Pete Devries (@petedevries)

Shannon Brown (@shazzabsurfin)

Michael Darling (@aquajunkie)

Nico Manos (@nicomanos)

– Presented by –

TELUS (@telus)

– Produced by –

Transition Film (@transition_film)

– Directed by –

Nate Laverty (@natelav)

– Film/Edit –

Nate Laverty (@natelav)

– Water Footage –

Kyler Vos (@kylervos)

– Supported by –

Rip Curl (@ripcurl_aus)

Storm Surf Shop (@stormsurfshop)

– Narrated by –

Noah Cohen (@cohenscorner)

– Written by –

Andrea Turner (@dreturner)

– Artwork by –

Danke (@dankeclub)

– Location –

Tofino, British Columbia, Canada  

Nova Scotia, Canada  

Biarritz, France  

Basque Country  



– Music –

"Force Of Nature" by Our Many Stars

"She Drove An Irok" by The Yardlets

"Impiricist" by Typhoon

"White Picket Funeral" by The Yardlets

"Foreign Bodies" by Radiation City

"Efevresi" by Kevin Matley

"Where Did You Sleep Last Night" by Wanda Davis

"Ringside" by Jonathan Barlow

"Last Lake" by David Swensen

"Find It Of Use" by Radiation City

– Year –


– Run Time –


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