Tropical Stallion [22min]

Parker Sawyer surfing overhead waves in North Shore, Puerto Rico. 22min surf video created by Luke Kothera in 2020.

( Vimeo : Tropical Stallion)

– Surfer –

Parker Sawyer (@parker_sawyer)

– Film/Edit –

Luke Kothera (@luke_kothera)

– Location –

Puerto Rico  

North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii, USA  

– Music –

"Overthinker" by INZO

"Things We Never Did" by Sad Lovers & Giants

"Can Of Worms" by Gold Celeste

"Liza. Liza" by Elias Rahbani And His Orchestra

"Looks Like Rain" by The Main Ingredient

"MAracaibo Oriental" by Charlie Palmieri

"Summer Breeze" by The Main Ingredient

"Happy Peace" by Compost

– Year –


– Run Time –


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