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  • "400" by Colbey
  • "Surely" by Colbey
  • "In the Dying Night" by Colbey
  • "She Sells Sanctuary" by The Cult
  • "Nabucco Overture" by Verdi
  • "Self Help Books" by Colbey
  • "Surf Music" by Dar Gorlan
  • "Om" by The Moody Blues
  • "Hu" by Shye Ben-Tzur
  • "Raypirri" by King Stingray
  • "Tonto" by Silent Partner
  • "Tidal Wave" by Avantist
  • "Fireflies & Stardust" by Kevin Mcleod
  • "Lately Kind of Yeah" by Heart
  • "Distant Moon" by Colbey
  • "Jonson St Bruno" by Colbey
  • "Home Town Fairwell" by Holizna
  • "'Deep Friendship" by Lobo Loco
  • "Wind Guru" by Colbey
  • "Eyes On The Ceiling" by Colbey
  • "Broken Head" by Colbey


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