Under The Weather - Surfing in New Zealand [30min]

Johnny Hicks, Blair Stewart, Josh Colbert, and more surfing chest-head waves in New Zealand. 30min surf video created by Damon Meade in 2012.

( Vimeo : Under The Weather - Surfing in New Zealand)

– Series –

Under The Weather

– Surfer –

Johnny Hicks (@johnny_hicks)

Blair Stewart (@blairgrom)

Josh Colbert

Damon Gunness (@damongungun)

Jay Quinn (@jaytimquinn)

Garrett Parkes (@garrettparkes)

Gabriel Medina (@gabrielmedina)

Morehu Roberts (@morehuroberts)

Leon Santorik (@leon_santorik)

Matt Scorringe (@mattyscorringe)

Sam Willis (@sanga1)

Maz Quinn (@maz_quinn)

Keone Campbell (@keonecampbell)

Bobby Hansen (@bobbytimmothy)

Luke Cederman (@luke_cederman)

Alex Dive (@alex_dive)

Choppie O'Leary (@choppie_oleary)

Joe Palmer

Ricardo Christie (@ricardochristie)

Billy Stairmand (@billystairmand)

Chris Malone

Daniel Kereopa (@dk_surfing)

Mikey Banks (@bankskrupt)

– Presented by –


– Directed by –

Damon Meade (@damonmeade)

– Film/Edit –

Damon Meade (@damonmeade)

– Additional Footage –

Cory Scott (@coryscottimagery)

Jereme Aubertin (@jeremeaubertin)

Aaron Jackson

Dave Shaw

– Sponsored by –

Sitka (@sitka_)

Aerial7 (@aerial7aus)

Sanuk (@sanuk)


Veho Muvi (@vehoworld)

Spaceships Campervan Rentals (@spaceshipsrentals)


– Location –

New Zealand  

– Music –

Junk Shop Star

"Doused" by DIIV

"Blood On My Moccasins" by The Lovely Bad Things

"I Just Want You To Go Away" by The Lovely Bad Things

"Dive" by Al-Berto & the Fried Bikinis

"New Waves" by The Lovely Bad Things

"Something Happened" by CreaturoS

"Bone Jam" by Jeff The Brotherhood

"Two Track" by Clap Clap Riot

"Keep It Together, Thackery" by Birds Of Avalon

– Year –


– Run Time –


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