Volcom - FUNTITLED #05 - Mixed bag [6min]

Parker Coffin, Alex Gray, Derek Dunfee, and more surfing big waves in North Shore, Oahu and more. 6min surfing edit filmed in 2012.

( YouTube : Volcom - FUNTITLED #05 - Mixed bag)

– Series –


– Surfer –

Parker Coffin (@parkercoffin)

Alex Gray (@a_gray)

Derek Dunfee (@derekdunfee)

Mike Gleason (@mvgleason)

Gavin Beschen (@gavinbeschen808)

Tom Dosland (@tommyd_4)

Dean Morrison (@dingomorrison)

Bruce Irons (@bruceirons)

Dave Wassel (@davewassel)

Dusty Payne (@dusty_payne)

– Presented by –

Volcom (@volcomsurf)

– Location –

Pipeline/Backdoor, North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii, USA  

– Music –

"Melt Face" by Videoing

"Rad Times" by Black Bananas

"Gold Box" by Videoing

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– Run Time –


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