where is Sancho@french chaos [4min]

Jeremy Flores, Benjamin Sanchis, Shane Dorian, and more surfing huge waves. 4min surf video created by Pietro Franca in 2014.

(Vimeo : where is Sancho@french chaos)

– Series –

Where is Sancho

– Surfer –

Jeremy Flores (@floresjeremy)

Benjamin Sanchis (@benjaminsanchis)

Shane Dorian (@shanedorian)

Laurent Pujol (@laurentpujol)

– Presented by –

Billabong (@billabong)

Monster Energy (@monsterenergy)

– Film/Edit –

Pietro Franca (@pietrolf)

Vincent Kardasik (@vincentkardasik)

– Additional Footage –

Judith Emanuel (@jz7emanuel)

– Location –


– Music –

"Red Eyes And Tears" by Black Rebel Motorcycle club

– Year –


– Run Time –


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