"WORTH IT" [24min]

Imanol Yeregi, Aritz Aranburu, Andoni Fernandez, and more surfing big waves. 24min surf video created by Alexander Triebel in 2016.

(Vimeo : "WORTH IT")

– Surfer –

Imanol Yeregi (@imanolyeregi)

Aritz Aranburu (@aritz_aranburu)

Andoni Fernandez


Ruben Vitoria (@ruben.vitoria)

Pablo Garcia (@pablo_garcia_bederen)

Indar Unanue (@indar)

Nano Riego (@nanorieg)

Miguel Welsh (@miguelwelsh)

Lewis Catlin (@lewiscatlin)

Matt Connell (@plainpastawithcheese)

Nico Louit

Baptiste Bonhomme

– Presented by –

Young Shoot (@young.shoot)

– Directed by –

Alexander Triebel (@young.shoot)

– Film/Edit –

Alexander Triebel (@young.shoot)

– Location –

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– Music –

"Time Is The Enemy" by Quantic

"Outgrown" by Steffen Linck

"Mom And Dad" by Middel Brother

"A New Error" by Moderat

"Lost Highway" by Hank Williams

– Year –


– Run Time –


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