Canvas Surfboards The Movie [29min]

Ryan Engle, Christian Wach, Carson Wach, and more surfing chest-head waves in California, Canada and more. 29min surfing edit filmed in 2014.

( Vimeo : Canvas Surfboards The Movie)

– Surfer –

Ryan Engle

Christian Wach (@christianwach)

Carson Wach (@carsonwach)

Kameron Brown (@kameronbrown)

George Trimm (@georgetrimm)

Blake Washington

Mitsuhide Funaki (@nakisurf)

Noah Funaki (@808nonofish)

Hannah Norton

Cyrus Sutton (@cyrus_sutton)

Harrison Roach (@harrisonsan)

Calvin Sanders (@calviinchi)

Lindsay Steinriede (@lsteinriedee)

Randy Zoller

Christian Yeager (@christianyeager)

– Presented by –

Canvas Surfboards (@canvassurfboards)

– Directed by –

Christian Wach (@christianwach)

– Film –

Christian Wach (@christianwach)

George Trimm (@georgetrimm)

Hannah Norton

Yassine Ouhilal (@yassineouhilal)

– Edit –

George Trimm (@georgetrimm)

– Location –

California, USA  

Hawaii, USA  




– Music –

"Broke Down House" by Wake Up Lucid

"Keylime Pie" by Kameron Brown

"!!!!!!!!" by Christian Wach

"Newbie" by Carson Wach

"Red Lights" by Wake Up Lucid

"Jam" by Christian Wach

"Coconuts" by Christian Wach

"Chase The Light" by Matt Mays

"The Shop" by Christian Wach

"Drop D" by Christian Wach

"Stencils" by Mourning Pastel

"Love Lost Love Found" by Epworth

"Calm" by Christian Wach

"Think Again" by TOYC

"Who Is Kameron Brown" by Christian Wach

"The Last Parade" by Barn Owl

"Ol' Bobby The Cricket" by Matt Mays

– Year –


– Run Time –


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