Craig Anderson and the Stab Innocents [32min]

Craig Anderson, Jai Glindeman, Alan Cleland Jr, and more surfing overhead waves in Telo Island. 32min surfing edit filmed in 2019.

( YouTube : Craig Anderson and the Stab Innocents)

– Series –


– Surfer –

Craig Anderson (@craig__anderson)

Jai Glindeman (@jaiglindeman)

Alan Cleland Jr (@alan_jr_cleland)

Levi Slawson (@levi.slawson)

Winter Vincent (@winter_v)

Kobi Clements (@kobiclements)

Jarvis Earle (@jarvisearle)

– Presented by –

Stab (@stab)

– Produced by –

Aaron Carrera (@aaron_carrera)

Tom Bird

Rachel Valles Key

Sam Mcintosh

– Directed by –

Michael Ciaramella (@unholypotato)

– Film –

Sam Moody (@clubmedsucks)

Lachlan McKinnon (@mister_clips)

– Edit –

Sam Moody (@clubmedsucks)

– Supported by –

World Surfaris (@worldsurfaris)

Switchfoot (@sumatracharters)

– Narrated by –

Eric Zupancic

– Artwork by –

Shinya Dalby (@shinyadalby)

– Location –

Telo Island, North Sumatra, Indonesia  

– Music –

Seth Moody (@moodymoniker)

"I Am The West" by Underpass

"Allturnativ" by Astro Cowboy

"In The Air" by Pure Blue

"Bugs Curry" by Blistar

"Insane Mind Festival" by 23 And Beyond The Infinite

– Year –


– Run Time –


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