Dual Perspectives | Brett Barley & Below Freezing Barrels [10min]

Brett Barley, Joey Crum, Jahfar Christ, and more surfing overhead waves in Outer Banks. 10min surfing edit filmed in 2018.

( YouTube : Dual Perspectives | Brett Barley & Below Freezing Barrels)

– Surfer –

Brett Barley (@brettbarley)

Joey Crum (@joeward85)

Jahfar Christ (@jahfarchrist)

Dallas Tolson (@dillydal252)

– Film –

Jeffrey O'Neil (@jeffrey.oneil)

– Edit –

Brett Barley (@brettbarley)

– Additional Footage –

Ryan Simalchik (@rsmallcheck)

– Supported by –

O'Neill (@oneillusa)

Sanuk (@sanuk)

Smith Optics (@smithoptics)

REAL Watersports (@realwatersports)

SUPERbrand (@super_brand)

On A Mission (@onamissionsurf)

Futures Fins (@futuresfins)

LEUS (@leus)

– Location –

Outer Banks, North Carolina, USA  

– Music –

"Litters Home" by Good Riddance

"Shadows Of Defeate & Holding On" by Good Riddance

"Dreamboat" by Battle Tapes

– Year –


– Run Time –


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