How To Road Trip [21min]

Samuel Glazebrook, Mike Lay, Richard Balding, and more surfing small waves in Cornwall. 21min surf video created by Samuel Glazebrook in 2015.

( Vimeo : How To Road Trip)

– Surfer –

Samuel Glazebrook (@samuelglazebrook)

Mike Lay (@laymike)

Richard Balding (@mr_nineplus)

John Eldridge (@easyjohnny)

James Parry (@jimmyjamesparry)

Jack Whitefield (@jackwhitefield)

Josh Daniel (@joshdaniel999)

– Directed by –

Samuel Glazebrook (@samuelglazebrook)

– Film/Edit –

Samuel Glazebrook (@samuelglazebrook)

– Location –

Cornwall, United Kingdom  

– Music –

"Horchata" by The Funk Ark

"All Is Well (Goodbye, Goodbye)" by Radical Face

"Brothers & Sisters" by Bongmaster Inc

"We're On Our Way" by Radical Face

"Mobius Strip (Thru My Fingers)" by Absofacto

– Year –


– Run Time –


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