Junk Yard Dogs [5min]

Chippa Wilson, Benny Godwin, Pama Davies, and more surfing chest-head waves. 5min surf video created by Aidan Matthew Stevens in 2015.

( Vimeo : Junk Yard Dogs)

– Surfer –

Chippa Wilson (@chippawilson)

Benny Godwin (@_bennnyg)

Pama Davies (@pamatataudavies)

Kalani Ball (@kalaniball)

– Presented by –

Surfing World (@surfingworld)

Arnette (@arnette)

– Film/Edit –

Aidan Matthew Stevens (@amsimage)

– Narrated by –

Bob McTavish (@mctavishsurf)

Simon Anderson (@simonanderson_surfboards)

Chris Wilson (@chriswilso)

Danny Johnson (@notnotdannyjohnson)

– Music –

"Come Home" by Los Pintar

"Only One" by Sunny Greenfin

"l'm So Tired To See You Doing All The Same Things" by Los Pintar

"The Theremin" by Leo Theremin

"Billie Lee Maggie May Peggy Sue" by Goons Of Doom

– Year –


– Run Time –


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