Just For Kicks [23min]

Noah Wegrich, Nate Tyler, Torren Martyn, and more surfing chest-head waves. 23min surf video created by Perry Gershkow in 2017.

( Vimeo : Just For Kicks)

– Surfer –

Noah Wegrich (@noahwaggy)

Nate Tyler (@_natetyler)

Torren Martyn (@torrenmartyn)

Mitch Coleborn (@mitch_coleborn)

Frank Solomon (@franksolomon)

Wilem Banks (@wilembanks)

– Directed by –

Perry Gershkow (@perrygershkow)

– Film/Edit –

Perry Gershkow (@perrygershkow)

– Additional Footage –

Craig Bruce

Steven Michelsen (@steven_michelsen)

Ishka Folkwell (@ishkaimagery)

– Water Footage –

Kyle Buthman (@kyle_buthman)

Tom Carey (@tomcarey)

– Supported by –

Guayaki (@guayaki)

Chilli Surfboards (@chilli_surfboards)

Globe (@globebrand)

– Music –

"Strangers" by Ruby Haunt

"Freeway Crush" by Ruby Haunt

"Btender" by Sara Damert

"You Only Like Me With The Lights Out" by Avid Dancer

"Fall From Grace" by Future Islands

"Cannot Explain" by Sara Damert

– Year –


– Run Time –


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