LEVI | NobodySurf Originals [2min]

Levi's surfing is a lot like his music, unpredictable, spontaneous, unique, and unorthodox. One of the nicest guys you'll ever meet, Levi brings joy to every lineup he enters. This is Levi Prairie surfing around his home in Costa Mesa, California. (Jack Coleman)

( YouTube : LEVI | NobodySurf Originals)

– Series –

NobodySurf Originals

– Surfer –

Levi Prairie (@leviprairie)

– Film/Edit –

Jack Coleman (@jack_colemang)

– Supported by –

NobodySurf (@nobody_surf)

– Artwork by –

Jack Coleman (@jack_colemang)

– Location –

Costa Mesa, Orange County, California, USA  

– Music –

"Whistlin and Glistenin" by Levi Prairie

– Year –


– Run Time –


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