MAVERICKS // A New Perspective EP4 [4min]

Thomas Lundgard, Hunter Murison, and Luca Padua surfing big waves in Half Moon Bay, California. 4min surf video created by Dom Padua in 2020.

( YouTube : MAVERICKS // A New Perspective EP4)

– Surfer –

Thomas Lundgard (@thomas_lundgard)

Hunter Murison (@huntray284)

Luca Padua (@lucapadua)

– Produced by –

Powerlines Productions (@powerlinesproductions)

– Film/Edit –

Dom Padua (@dompadua)

– Additional Footage –

Tim West (@mavericks_experience)

Drake Stanley (@carptarpitz)

Curt Meyers

Eric Nelson

– Supported by –

The Wild Coast (@the_wild_coast)

– Location –

Mavericks, Half Moon Bay, California, USA  

– Year –


– Run Time –


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