Metal Neck 2 The Bangover [41min]

Noa Deane, Ford Archbold, Alex Knost, and more surfing chest-head waves. 41min surf video created by Matt Tromberg in 2016.

( Vimeo : Metal Neck 2 The Bangover)

– Series –

Metal Neck (@metal_neck)

– Surfer –

Noa Deane (@ilovetables)

Ford Archbold (@ford_archbold)

Alex Knost (@knostthankyou)

Colin Moran (@gooseonthelooseeee)

Ozzie Wright (@ozzywrong)

Andrew Doheny (@andrew_doheny)

Metal Jimmy (@metal_jimmy_)

Christian Fletcher (@christianfletcherlives)

Creed McTaggart (@creedencecandyxx)

– Produced by –

Andrew Doheny (@andrew_doheny)

– Directed by –

Andrew Doheny (@andrew_doheny)

– Film/Edit –

Matt Tromberg (@metal_neck)

– Additional Footage –

Herbie Fletcher (@herbiefletcher)

Tim Reardon (@reardontim)

Jimmy Jazz James (@jimmyjazzjames)

Tom Carey (@tomcarey)

Michael Cukr (@michaelcukr)

Jack Morrissey (@jackmorrissey)

Jack Coleman (@jack_colemang)

Brian Hogie

Daniella Fernandez Murphy

Lenn Dogg

– Music –

"We Don't Exist" by Meat Puppets

"Saints" by The Breeders

"Mu Girl" by The Temptations

"Nervous Breakdown" by Eddie Cochran

"Vicious" by Lou Reed

"Human Cannonball" by Butthole Surfers

"Gone Shooting" by Evildead

"Mster Big Stuff" by Jean Knight

"Screaming for Vengeance" by Judas Priest

"Skunk" by MC5

"Asshole" by Denis Leary

"Devotion" by Distractor

– Year –


– Run Time –


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