Mr. Rodgers Goes to the Kibbutz [6min]

Mick Rodgers, Yanai Deitsch, Ido Minsker, and more surfing small waves. 6min surf video created by Uri Magnus Dotan in 2018.

(Vimeo : Mr. Rodgers Goes to the Kibbutz)

– Surfer –

Mick Rodgers (@mrrodgers_neighborhood)

Yanai Deitsch (@i_yanai)

Ido Minsker (@idominsk)

Matan Shaltiel (@matan_shaltiel)

Guy Hummel

Reef Shahaf (@reef_shahaf)

– Presented by –

Bing Surfboards (@bingsurfboards)

Boardline Israel (@boarderlineisrael)

– Directed by –

Uri Magnus Dotan (@urimagnus)

– Film/Edit –

Uri Magnus Dotan (@urimagnus)

– Film –

Noam Eshel (@noam.eshel)

– Edit –

Ofi Erez (@ofi_erez)

– Location –


– Music –

"Feel Alive" by Rex Bannerl

"Rain" by Oran Loyfer 40%

"Ending Theme" by Ofi Erez

– Year –


– Run Time –


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