Numb Skulls: Hurricane Dorian [3min]

Rob Kelly, Andrew Gesler, Conor Willem, and more surfing overhead waves in New Jersey. 3min surf video created by Ryan Simalchik in 2019.

( YouTube : Numb Skulls: Hurricane Dorian)

– Surfer –

Rob Kelly (@robkellysurf)

Andrew Gesler (@gesler)

Conor Willem (@wheres_willem)

Thomas Ihnken (@thomas_ihnken)

Owen Moss (@owenthesurfer)

– Presented by –

Numb Skulls (@numbskulls_surf)

– Film/Edit –

Ryan Simalchik (@rsmallcheck)

– Additional Footage –

Chris Boice (@cbringle)

– Supported by –

Waves For Water (@wavesforwater)

– Location –

New Jersey, USA  

– Music –

"Meet Me By The River's Edge" by The Gaslight Anthem

– Year –


– Run Time –


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