OSMO THROMBO - The Lo-Fi B-Movie Of Hi-Fi Shredding [25min]

Ozzie Wright, Mitch Coleborn, and Noa Deane surfing overhead waves in Indonesia. 25min surfing edit filmed in 2017.

( YouTube : OSMO THROMBO - The Lo-Fi B-Movie Of Hi-Fi Shredding)

– Surfer –

Ozzie Wright (@ozzywrong)

Mitch Coleborn (@mitch_coleborn)

Noa Deane (@ilovetables)

– Presented by –

Volcom (@volcomsurf)

– Produced by –

Richie Olivares (@rich_landos)

Tom Carey (@tomcarey)

Ryan Thomas (@_ryan_thomas)

– Film –

Nate Leal (@nateneal)

Mikey Mallalieu (@mallmic)

Tom Carey (@tomcarey)

– Edit –

Ryan Thomas (@_ryan_thomas)

– Additional Footage –

Scott Stinnett (@melllow_yellow)

Luke Cheadle (@lukecheadle)

Andrew Shield (@andrewshield)

– Narrated by –

Tom Carey (@tomcarey)

Ryan Thomas (@_ryan_thomas)

– Location –


– Music –

"Lotta Wholes" by Stan Smiley

"When I Come To" by Here Lies Man

"Lotta Lasers" by Stan Smiley

"So Far Away" by Here Lies Man

"Here Lies Man" by Here Lies Man

"Devotion" by Distractor

"Devotion" by Tracy Bryant

– Year –


– Run Time –


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