Parallèle [8min]

Ian Gentil, Kalani David, Albee Layer, and more surfing big waves in Tahiti. 8min surfing edit filmed in 2019.

( Vimeo : Parallèle)

– Surfer –

Ian Gentil (@iangentil)

Kalani David (@kalanidavidns)

Albee Layer (

Dege O'Connell (@degeoconnell)

Tikanui Smith (@tikanuismith)

Matehau Tetopata (@matehau.tetopata)

Ruarii Atani (@ruatapskilla)

Tereva David (@terevadavid)

Ian Walsh (@ian.walsh)

Kauli Vaast (@kaulivaast)

– Presented by –

DAKINE (@dakine_surf)

– Produced by –

Take Shelter Productions (@takeshelterprod)

Micah Nickens (@micah_nickens)

– Location –

Teahupoo, Tahiti  

– Music –

"Gotta Have It" by Heathen

"Sum Of Its Parts" by Come On Live Long

– Year –


– Run Time –


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