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This Is Eurico Romaguera

Surfer Eurico Romaguera Playlist & Interview 8 Videos ・ Last Updated: Dec 04 2023

Surf is art, it teaches us to embrace risk, to embrace failure, and to find beauty in the chaos of the world around us.

Nickname: Kiko

Born and raised: Coimbra, Portugal

Based now: London, UK

Stance: Regular

Sponsor: RhythmAXXE ClassicDeflow Surf

What do you like about where you live now?

The vibrant art and music scene.

When and how did you start surfing?

My father taught me how to surf when I first started walking.

Where is your go-to surf spot?

Praia do Cabedelo, Figueira da Foz (Portugal)

Please tell us about the surfboard you usually ride. Brand, shaper, dimensions, fin setup, etc.

I'm more into bigger boards lately. Something along these lines: 9'5 Traditional Log by Thomas Bexon, 22 7/8 x 2 7/8 for whenever the waves are small. 9'9 Killer by Robin Kegel (speed shape) for whenever it gets bigger.

Where are the surf spots you want to visit in the future that you've never been to?

Hawaii and South Africa.

Which do you like more, Air or Tube?


Which do you like more, Noseride or Maneuver?


Which one video would you highlight in this playlist and why?

"A Moroccan Symphony." because it is the first clip that showcases my approach to riding bigger waves with longer boards, which is how I want to explore surfing in the future.

Who are the surfers that inspire you?

Bill Hamilton

Other than surfing, what are you passionate about?

Music. And art in all of its forms.

Who are your favorite bands and musicians?

Mulatu Astatke; Gábor Szabó; Yusef Lateef; Ali Farka Touré; Piero Piccioni; Paul Desmond; St. Germain; Thievery Corporation; Cinematic Orchestra

Tracks you love?

Spotify Playlist: Eurico Romaguera

  1. "Temple" by Szun Waves
  2. "Heywete" by Tesfa-Maryam Kidane
  3. "Bridge" by Amon Tobin
  4. "Dat Dere" by Bobby Timmons
  5. "To Know This" by Alice Russell
  6. "Conceptions" by 4 hero
  7. "Bring Me the Moon" by Magic & Naked
  8. "Ferryboat of the Mind" by Clinic
  9. "The Uncertainty Principle" by The Heliocentrics
  10. "Four Leaf Clover Salad" by Richard In Your Mind