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This Is Victoria Vergara

Surfer Victoria Vergara Playlist & Interview 10 Videos ・ Last Updated: Dec 28 2023

Hello, my name is Victoria, I’m a French surfer and model.

Nickname: Vic, Vivi, V

Born and raised: I was born in France and grew up between New Caledonia and Reunion Island.

Based now: Hossegor, France

Stance: Goofy

Sponsor: Rip Curl, Reef, Sun Bum, Gopro, Dead Kooks

What do you like about where you live now?

It’s the beginning of summer in Europe, so the weather is finally nice.

When and how did you start surfing?

I started surfing when I was 3 years old, my parents were surfer so they just took me with them.

Where is your go-to surf spot?

At the moment Seignosse, because it’s the closest to my house.

Please tell us about the surfboard you usually ride. Brand, shaper, dimensions, fin setup, etc.

I’ve been surfing Eden’s boards (Dead Kooks) for nearly 7 years. I currently ride a 9’5, single fin, square tail.

Where are your favorite surf spots that you've been to?

Reunion Island., or probably the Mentawais.

Where are the surf spots you want to visit in the future that you've never been to?

I would love to go surfing in Peru!

Which do you like more, Air or Tube?

I think getting a barrel is the most incredible experience, I also never try to do an air aha.

Which do you like more, Noseride or Maneuver?

Noseride, flying on the wave.

Which one video would you highlight in this playlist and why?

RAW DAYS | Reunion Island, because it's the video to celebrate Rip Curl X Victoria Vergara collection, the special project I've been working on for the past year with Rip Curl.

Who are the surfers that inspire you?

I will always be a fan of Kassia. I grew up watching videos of her and Joel Tudor. Surfing in the Duct Tapes for the past years made me inspired by all my friends; everyone has their own style and everyone rips. It’s pretty incredible to witness.

What are the surf films/videos that inspire you?

I would lie if I didn’t speak about Blue Crush; that was the movie I was watching non-stop as a little kid ahah. Soul Surfer and Endless Summer.

What are the films/movies that inspire you? (other than surf films)

The Pursuit of Happyness

Other than surfing, what are you passionate about?

I’m really passionate about Fashion and discovering a new passion for Design. Photography and Arts have always been very present in my life.

Who are your favorite bands and musicians?

Tough question, Beyoncé.

Tracks you love?

Spotify Playlist: Victoria Vergara

  1. “I THINK” by Tyler, The Creator
  2. “Mr. Rager” by Kid Cudi
  3. “CUFF IT” by Beyoncé
  4. “See You Again (feat. Kali Uchis)” by Tyler, The Creator
  5. “Fashion Killa” by A$AP Rocky
  6. “Infinity (feat. Omah Lay)” by Olamide
  7. “Love Love” by Gilsons
  8. “soulboy” by Greentea Peng, p-rallel
  9. “MANGO (feat. Adi Oasis)” by KAMAUU
  10. “Slow Down (with H.E.R.)” by Skip Marley