Promoticle [8min]

Cobie Gittner, Robbie Merrell, Jerry Schaefer, and more surfing overhead waves. 8min surfing edit filmed in 2019.

( YouTube : Promoticle)

– Surfer –

Cobie Gittner (@cobiegittner)

Robbie Merrell (@robbiemerrell)

Jerry Schaefer (@jerryschaefer)

Matt Zaccaria

Blaize Carroll

DJ Buchanan (@gangst3rsparadis3)

Rad Regar (@radregar)

– Presented by –

Particle (@particle_brand)

– Film –

Christian Oehmke (@christianoehmke)

Jeffrey O'Neil (@jeffrey.oneil)

– Music –

"Paradise Is For The Blessed" by Television Personalities

"I've Done It Again" by Grace Jones

"Moonlight Motel" by The Gun Club

"Take A Stand" by Youth Of Today

– Year –


– Run Time –


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